Classical Piano Lessons via Skype

Welcome to the Clarion Clavier lessons page. This page is where you can learn all about studying classical piano online with me through Skype. 

Piano Lesson Features

Learn in your home – Your practice environment is your lesson environment. This will allow you to be more relaxed and at ease.

Online assignments – Keep track of tasks and send practice recordings through your browser, as needed.

YouTube examples – Many pieces and concepts will be covered in YouTube tutorials to reinforce lesson concepts.

Multiple devices – Use any Skype-compatible device with a camera and microphone.

Piano Lessons via Skype

Skype can be installed on a wide variety of devices allows the use of multiple cameras. This makes Skype a preferred choice for online lessons. Skype is free to download and install.

If you have a piano, a Skype compatible device, and a stable internet connection, you are good to go!

The Convenience of Online Lessons

Experience classical piano lessons without the hassle of leaving your home. The time spent driving could be spent at the piano itself! Plus, students will appreciate the efficiency and convenience of connecting through Skype, at their own piano.

These lessons are intended to provide an alternative to traditional on-location piano lessons, with a more streamlined delivery. No need to worry about coats, pets, or unpacking materials. We are ready to go from the moment of connection.

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Classically Inspired

Learn about music through the study of traditional methods inspired by classical training. This approach offers a well rounded musical experience with an emphasis on classical repertoire. 

Lessons will cover beginner concepts in piano playing for those who are new to the instrument. When a student is ready, we will discuss music theory, practice insights, technical training, and a broad overview of the different stylistic periods in music history.

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Flexible Scheduling and Pricing

Each lesson will be customized to your specific needs and help you work up to great classical masterpieces. Lessons can occur weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed. 

Lesson duration includes 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons, depending on the skill and goals of the student. 

Meet Your Instructor

Joseph D’Amico holds music degrees from Young Harris College and Kennesaw State University and has been teaching piano privately since 2011. He studied piano with Dr. Keith DeFoor, Dr. Robert Henry, and David Watkins, and studied the pipe organ with Dr. Timothy Wissler. In addition to teaching lessons, Joseph also serves as organist and accompanist at a Roman Catholic church.

Joseph uses traditional methods to provide students with a solid foundation in music. His training on both organ and piano has provided him a broad perspective on musical history and technique. Joseph enjoys enjoys sharing his love and appreciation for music and wishes to prepare all students for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. 

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Ready to take piano lessons online?

Rediscover Music

You will gain an entirely new perspective on music by learning how construct it yourself. Playing piano will develop your passion for music with a potential for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Improve Yourself Over Time

Piano lessons often result in improved patience, concentration, discipline, and memory function. Additionally, pursuing music as a hobby serves as a wonderful outlet for stress management.

Develop Your Potential

Train your independence and advance your skills in the convenient setting of your home. Lessons are a great way to stay accountable to your goals, help you develop routines, and achieve your musical goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions that people have asked in relation to Skype piano lessons. You may find this information helpful if you are considering applying. 

Yes! I enjoy working with adults especially and created this platform with them in mind. 

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Because of the use of required technology, the minimum age to start Skype lessons is at least 10 years old. Students will need to be able to view their assignments online and operate their own equipment. Younger students generally require a hands on approach in-person with an instructor and can always make the transition to Skype piano lessons later on. 

My specialization and preferences lean towards classical and I’ll recommend and use this type of music where applicable. However, students that are new to piano or early in their training will use a method series called Piano Adventures. This series will expose students to a variety of different styles including important classical repertoire. We can optionally emphasize a particular style by exploring a corresponding repertoire book. The Developing Artist – Piano Literature series is very good, but there are other choices as well. Once a student has completed the Piano Adventures series, they will have countless choices of repertoire in all kinds of styles opened to them.

It is important for students to be exposed to a range of different styles during their study. Even if they wanted to focus on classical music, there is still a huge variance in style between the classical stylistic periods. In fact, many composers draw inspiration from other styles when composing. Learning to play piano using many styles and types of music will serve us well in the long run. 

Please note that I don’t teach improvisatory styles outside of a few method book exercises. Lessons with me will always use written music except in a few specific cases. Students who are very interested in learning to improvise would be best served by finding a specialized instructor. 

Yes. The main benefit is convenience. Both you and I do not need to leave our homes. This convenience makes it easier to stick with the lessons and avoid illness and weather related issues. Additionally, this model of lessons fosters a sense of independence much earlier compared to in-person lessons.

Yes. Skype lessons aren’t for everyone. Students using Skype lessons will need to be very engaged. The student will need to count for themselves, mark their own music, and check online assignments. I consider these issues to ultimately be for the good of the student, but they do make the lessons a bit more involved.

Skype lessons are best suited for the types of students who would already be seeking the answers to their music questions on the internet or through YouTube. For people who truly desire to learn and enjoy technology, this is a great system. However, some students (especially younger ones) require the face to face engagement found in regular piano lessons to be successful.

You will need acess to a piano, reliable internet connection, and Skype-compatible device.

Your Skype device must have a camera and microphone. Recent model laptops are ideal, but iPads and iPhones also work well because of their great cameras, mics, and Wi-Fi chipsets.

Generally speaking, larger screens provide a more comfortable experience. If you go the tablet/smartphone route, you’ll need a tripod or a mount that allows you to point the camera in the direction of the piano keys.

You will be required to purchase music/method books. These books are not very expensive and are typically available on Amazon. 

In some cases, sheet music is available for free online. However, you may want to purchase these books anyway because the quality of the editing and printing will be much easier on the eyes compared to the free music.

During lessons, I will teach you music reading, counting, music theory basics, stylistic periods of musical history, and I will guide you through a progression of piano repertoire pieces using the Piano Adventures series. 

Once you have completed the series, you will be playing piano pretty well in multiple styles. We will then move on to more specialized works as you advance in skill. 

You can be playing competently in a few months of study, provided you practice and avoid skipping around in the method books.

I recommend aiming for 20-30 minutes per day when you are in your first few years of study. Once you are more advanced, you will probably want to increase your time up to an hour or so. You can become a good player if you practice for any amount of time consistently, but 20-30 minutes is the sweet spot for most people. 

My role is to help you spend your practice time wisely and streamline your routine in addition to music instruction. However, no practice=no results. I will work with you to ensure that your practice is engaging and brings you the results you desire.

There can sometimes be issues with latency and disconnects. I will usually add some time to the lesson so that students always get what they pay for.

I use a website tool called Schoolinguist. This website allows teachers to assign tasks and send audio recordings back and forth with the student. 

Students will need to create a free account and use the Google Chrome or Firefox Browser to access the site. Schoolinguist is free for students and very simple to use. 

You can use the recording feature of Schoolinguist ask a question or check your accuracy on a piece. You can also just email me if you just have a question. 

I do not offer trial lessons at this time. However, I will conduct a free Skype interview before lessons begin to make sure everything works well. This interview will be used in part to evaluate the equipment and internet connection as well as providing a chance for students to demonstrate their current skill. 

Single lessons come with no strings attached. You simply pay for and receive one lesson at a time. 

You can request to schedule a single lesson with me, and I will respond by sending you a request for payment and confirming your choice of day and time. Once you pay for the lesson, we will schedule it. 

Single Skype lessons enable students to test the concept of Skype lessons before committing to batch lessons.

Batch lessons offer students a lower rate per lesson and the ability to schedule multiple lessons at a time in exchange for committing to 4 lessons at a time. 

When a student purchases a batch of 4 lessons, they receive 4 lesson credits to use as they wish. This system offers flexibility to students while enabling me to take on performance opportunities and other work as a professional musician.

Most people who aren’t young beginners and want to study weekly will be best served by a 45 minute lesson. If you have questions or wish to work on more than one piece at a time, you will likely find that the 30 minute lesson is too short. 

That being said, the 30 minute lesson is better than no lesson, and also works well with young beginners who aren’t able to handle enough material to justify more time.

Adult students who can’t commit to weekly lessons should opt for 60 minute single lessons. This will allow plenty of time to cover all material and answer any questions. Other students preferring the non-weekly option would do well with a 45 minute single lesson.

Students who are late intermediate or higher skill level and serious about their study should also consider the 60 minute weekly lesson. This is especially true for students who hope to attend music school or pursue music professionally.

For single lessons, I will send an invoice for the scheduled lesson which is due by the time of the lesson. 

For batch lessons, I will send an invoice for 4 lessons at a time, which you may use as you wish. Once you are on your last lesson, I will invoice you for the next batch.

You can pay with a credit card or bank account using the secure link in the email. Invoicing and payments are handled through Wave Financial Services or Paypal. 

I require at least 24 hours notice in the event of any rescheduling or cancellation of lessons. 

If a student cancels or reschedules during this 24 hour window, the lesson will be forfeit.

In the event of emergency situations, please let me know as soon as possible and I will reschedule the lesson for a future date without penalty. 

Skype Piano Lesson Application

Before contacting me about lessons, please click the button below to learn about my rules and policies.

When you are ready to apply, please fill out the form below. I will only accept students who apply through this form. Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee that you will be accepted.

I hope to work with you soon!